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Realord Century Service Company Limited (Former Name: Hartman Education Service Limited), is a subsidiary of Realord Group Holding Limited, proud of its outstanding record and unparalleled service. The Group invested in the acquisition of land in Grenada to create a cultural tourism landmark project that integrates student living, campus, student condos, resort and entertainment for lots of international students and hundreds of thousands of European and American tourists each year.

It is expected that the project will create thousands of job opportunities for the local, inject new development impetus into Grenada and the Caribbean.

We provide customers with one-stop services from investment consulting, purchasing qualified units (or sharing), submitting citizenship applications, financing loans, tax planning, and overseas asset allocation and management.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Hong Kong listed company placed in a unique position to influence market, the project developer has always been looking for those eager to provide their clients with a unique and profitable venture to come on board. The Hartman Resort project is just the beginning to enter ambitiously into the CBI market huge potential. To learn more about our projects and the services we can provide for you and your customers, please contact us immediately.

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Hartman Resort

Located in Grenada, a large sea view luxury resort integrating entertainment, leisure and shopping

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Apply Citizenship service

With an investment of $270,000, four generations of the family can quickly obtain Grenadian Citizenship

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Honor of Hartman Resort

The Project has won 6 international awards including TITAN 2021 Concept, property development and urban design etc.

Government Approved Resort Citizenship by Investment Project

Self-operated project, flexible investment plan, welcome to cooperate

Our mission and vision

With rich experience and extensive resources, we have introduced top international design companies and well-known builders to jointly build Hartman Grenada Resort, committed to building a world-class education complex in the Caribbean, and at the same time assists customers in maximizing the value of their identity ...


The prerequisite for success is to choose the right one

Market Agent Designated by the Government of Grenada

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Stable investment, Permanent status

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The Hartman Resort Project are invested and constructed by Hartman Education Enterprise Limited. The projects have been approved by the Grenada government. The relevant information can be found on the official website of the Grenada government.
The Hartman Resort project was approved by the Grenada Government Investment Citizenship Committee after rigorous review. The combined project is the only educational real estate project in the history of the investment citizenship program. Each investor has an exclusive quota of Grenada citizens. For details, please consult with local market agents for details.
After obtaining the citizenship of Grenada, the children of investors can enter the famous Saint George's University in the Caribbean more easily or enjoy the opportunity to enter the well-known American universities in the Resort project in the future, obtain a U.S. university diploma, and can rely on the citizenship of Grenada. Citizenship to study in an international school in China or participate in the joint recruitment of overseas Chinese students, enjoy the treatment of entering a prestigious Chinese school (including some Hong Kong and Macau universities, etc.) with low scores (subject to specific local policies).
There is no need to worry. According to the requirements of the Grenada government, all investor information and citizenship application procedures can be submitted online, and the whole process is carried out under the guidance of professional consultants from various market agents, you do not need to visit Grenada before, during, or after the application process.
With more than 140 visa-free destination you can access with a Grenada passport. Not only can you travel around the world, being citizen of a member of the Commonwealth, you will be protecting by the embassies and commissions of other member states across the globe, including the UK. Moreover, you can also apply for the US E2 visa, for long-term work and residence in the U.S. with your family.
A Grenada passport can apply for a 10-year multi-travel business visa to the US, and it is also a US E2 trading partner country. After obtaining Grenada citizenship, investors can apply for the US E-2 long-term work visa category. In addition to enjoying investment income, they and their spouses can live in the US for a long time, and minor children under the age of 21 can also enjoy preferential education benefits in the US.
Hartman Resort project investment needs to sign a sales and purchase agreement and supporting service agreement with the licensed marketing agent or sub-agent. The application for citizenship requires a passport, non-criminal certificate, and other related documents. For the detailed list of materials, please consult local agents.
Yes, if the proof of divorced and single is provided.
According to the laws of Grenada, unmarried children under the age of 30 can join the application.
The shared property right form of Hartman Resort’s student apartments is tenancy-in-common, which allows three groups of customers to jointly hold a shared property (student condos), which can be sold and transferred separately after 5 years without the consent of the group co-holders.
Children with a US E2 visa and study in the US, the tuition from elementary school to high school is free. As for college tuition, it depends on the policy of each university. Generally, dependent children pay tuition fees for native American before the age of 21 and pay tuition fees for international students aged 21 or above.
Grenada has not yet implemented an ID card system.
If the biological mother applies for immigration together and takes an HIV test and the test result is negative, then the child under the age of 12 does not need to be tested for HIV; but if the biological mother does not apply together, the child needs to tested for HIV.

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